CES Nitrogen Immersion Freeze Tunnel, 24" x 27', New 2001

Lake City, PA

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Immersion freezer is designed to freeze food products without any loss of quality during freezing. Extreme low temperature is obtained by immersing product in liquid nitrogen (-320 dF). Usable immersion length 27' usable belt width 24", belt type Ashworth flighted wire belt (loose wave 3/4" pitch), dwell time 60 seconds to 360 seconds, product clearance 4", slope of the conveyor is less then 22 degrees. Unit was installed new in 2001 and used less then 250 hours. Control panel uses an Allen Bradley PanelView controller to manage all safeties, belt drive motors, fan motors and nitrogen level control. For applications not needing the full 27' length of submersion, the conveyor can be changed to rise out of the liquid at the desired length, using remainder of tunnel length as an equilibration chamber. In the case of shortened submersion, the tank would be modified with a baffle so that only the needed length is supplied with liquid nitrogen. This greatly reduces the amount of liquid nitrogen used per pound of product. Unit is priced with the full-length submersion. Modifications to limit submersion length will be quoted on request. Unit is offered in good working electrical and mechanical condition. Buyer will need to provide wiring between unit and control panel. The overall dimensions are 34' 6"L x 6' 5"W.


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