Comparing New & Used Commercial Bakery Equipment for Sale

Comparing New & Used Commercial Bakery Equipment for Sale

We offer a wide variety of used and refurbished industrial bakery equipment from well-known manufacturers and suppliers. Our inventory includes used and refurbished food processing and packaging equipment from over 400 renowned brands. These brands include Hobart, Stein, Daniels, Seydelmann, Rheon, Mueller, Fomaco, Peerless, and more. Most of these brands have been producing high-quality machines for well over 50 years. These companies strive for operational excellence and reliability with specializations in areas including maintenance-free operation, customization, innovation, safety, and sanitation.

When in the market for used bakery equipment, you may also be considering if new equipment would better suit your needs. There are pros and cons to each, and the ultimate decision comes down to personal preference and circumstance. Here are some questions to ask yourself while deciding:

  • Do you want to save money?
  • Do you need the equipment ASAP?
  • Do you have a specific or trusted brand or model in mind?

If you answered “yes” to any of these initial questions, then you may be the perfect candidate for the used commercial bakery equipment Equipment Exchange has to offer.

Consider Buying Used Bakery Equipment | New vs. Used Commercial Bakery Equipment

Purchasing new equipment has one obvious advantage: it’s new. However, depending on the type of equipment, it’s a bit like buying a car. The minute it leaves the showroom, its value dramatically decreases. Bigger, pricier pieces of commercial bakery equipment -- such as mixers, sifters, and bakers racks -- present particular value when purchased used. Gas ranges, one of the most expensive pieces of commercial kitchen equipment you’ll have to buy, usually have very long life spans and should definitely be considered buying used. Things to consider when debating new and used commercial bakery equipment include:

  • Do you want the assurance of having a warranty on your purchased item(s) while saving you money?
  • How soon do you need the equipment?
  • Are you looking for a piece of equipment that is no longer being manufactured?

Save Money on Refurbished Bakery Equipment

New equipment typically comes with a warranty or the option to purchase a warranty on it for a significant number of years following the transaction. This way, you won’t have to worry about any malfunctions or issues that may arise, and you may ultimately save money on any needed repairs. But naturally, the number one reason why people opt to buy used equipment over new items is to save money.  Buying anything slightly used or even refurbished can save you a great deal.

Buy Used Bakery Equipment That is Available Immediately

A significant amount of large, industrial bakery and food manufacturing equipment is made to order.  That means you can be looking at a long waiting period for delivery and installation. Is time a pressing factor?  Do you need a product as soon as possible due to equipment failure? Are you facing rapidly approaching deadlines for opening or expanding business operations?  Rather than adjusting your planned schedule to account for delivery time, purchasing pre-owned and readily available bakery equipment will translate into additional profit, on top of immediate savings.

Find Industrial Bakery Equipment That is No Longer Being Manufactured

Personal preference is an important factor to consider. There may be certain machinery that you have worked with and relied on for years. There is always a chance that it is outdated or simply not being produced anymore. Adapting to change is never easy, but the good news is, you may not have to change. View our comprehensive inventory today and see what you can find. Recognizable brands that have been around for years tend to have a reputation regarding their reliability. “They just don’t make things like they used to!”

Equipment Exchange is Your Used Commercial Bakery Equipment Supplier

At Equipment Exchange, we refurbish and recondition our used equipment. Refurbished equipment often provides the quality of new equipment with a lower price tag. Both refurbished and reconditioned equipment are great options to have if you are looking to ensure quality and great value.