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Batter and breading machines are used to streamline the process of large-scaling battering or breading, which is often used for a variety of meats, poultry, and vegetables. The advantage of using large batter and breading machines is guaranteeing a common consistency between batches of product. By automating the hand-breading process or mimicking the full-scale coating process, food producers stand to minimize labor and ingredient costs.

Reconditioned Drum Breaders, Batter Applicators, & More

Equipment Exchange offers numerous variations including breaders, drum breaders, multifunctional predusters, batter applicators, flour breaders, and breading applicators. Equipment Exchange showcases used and reconditioned batter and breading machines from popular manufacturers including Stein, Koppens, JBT, and Foodtech. View all of Equipment Exchange’s batter and breading machines to optimize the way you coat foods in bulk.

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