Used Slicers for Bulk Food Processing Production

Slicers use various blades and knives to slice products into halves, quarters, or to cut large quantities of food products into smaller pieces. Slicers can cut shapes and perform bulk slicing, stacking, and shingling into portions. Equipment Exchange provides food processing slicers for many types of food processing facilities that work with meats, poultry, fruits and vegetables, snack foods, cheeses, dairy products, pet foods, and other fresh-cut applications. 

Refurbished Slicers, Dicers & Cutters from Grote, Marel & JBT

Equipment Exchange offers numerous variations including slicers (single, double, flat, pendulum & more), drivers, cutters, shredders, wing saws. Equipment Exchange showcases used and reconditioned food processing slicers from various manufacturers including Ross, Grote, JBT, GEA, Marel, and more.  View all of Equipment Exchange’s specific food processing slicers to improve food production in bulk.

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