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Vacuum packagers are used to automate the process of vacuum packaging, a method of prolonging the shelf life of certain food products. Vacuum packaging consists of removing the air from a plastic firm package containing food products and sealing it, occasionally utilizing shrinkwrap for tight corners within the packaging. Equipment Exchange supplies a wide variety of used and refurbished vacuum packagers that can aid food packagers in the vacuum packaging process of their food products.

Reconditioned Single Chamber, Dual Chamber, & Thermoforming Vacuum Packagers

Equipment Exchange offers numerous variations of the vacuum packager, including single, dual, and rotary chamber vacuums, vacuum packagers with gas flush, thermoforming vacuum packagers, and roll stock packagers. Equipment Exchange showcases used and reconditioned vacuum packagers from brand names consumers trust, including Multivac, Daniels, Dixie Union, and Koch. View all of Equipment Exchange’s specific vacuum packers to improve your packaging process and the shelf life of your food products today.

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