Wolf-Tec (Schroder) Meat Tenderizer; Double Head, Md# NT 350/560

Wolf-Tec (Schroder) Meat Tenderizer; Double Head, Md# NT 350/560

Lake City, PA

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If placed in-line after your injector, the NT blade style tenderizer can play an important role in overall process improvement of fresh or cooked product application. Blade size of 4mm and needle stitch patterns of up to 42 penetrations per square inch will provide you with results you demand. And if needed, with a push of a button you can change from "Tenderizer Mode" to "Conveyor Mode", completely by-passing the needles simply and easily. The NT tenderizer can *Breakdown and soften the connective tissue system of whole muscle products. *Induce superior conditions for improved absorption and dispersion of pickle after injection and during the massaging process. *Maximize myosin protein availability for improved water binding characteristics, reducing cook-out, and improving yields. *Initiates destruction of surface membranes (silver skin) allowing superior muscle to muscle surface bind. *Dramatically reduces normal tumbler process times creating a heat stable water/protein system sooner. This unit has double head with 24" wide solid white plastic belt. It is 440V. Manufactured in April of 2003.


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