Advanced Filters


Our refurbished food processing equipment is perfect for those looking to exert more control over the taste, texture, and overall quality of their product. Equipment Exchange offers used food preparation equipment from recognizable brand names, including Fomaco, Urschel, Mepaco, APV, and Cozzini. We offer the best-selling reconditioned equipment on the market, such as Weiler and Seydelmann grinders & choppers. Efficient and consistent, our used Stein batter and breading machines produce fresh breaded meat, poultry, and vegetable products for high volume applications in test kitchens, commissaries, and other food processing facilities.

Food preparation and processing is a huge aspect of the industry, one that can often involve equipment utilized in other areas of food processing, from meat blenders and slicers to meat choppers and fillers. Along with our primary used meat preparation and processing equipment, Equipment Exchange Company offers related products, including kettles, vacuum stuffers, injectors, conveyors, vat dumpers, fillers, batter breading machines, and additional equipment for cooking, freezing, packaging and support.

Our refurbished blenders and massagers are perfect for delicatessen meats, sausages, and more. We carry refurbished food injectors that are reconditioned for injecting brine and other flavor-enhancing fluids into a variety of meat products. We offer our blenders and massagers completely refurbished, including glass bead finishing, total rebuild of drive assemblies, and vacuum pump assembly and controls. New operator controls can be simple ON/OFF time controls for massaging or Micro Process controls for all operations of the equipment.

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