Cryovac Hot Water Shrink Tunnel; Md#30726-0317, Never Used

Cryovac Hot Water Shrink Tunnel; Md#30726-0317, Never Used

Lake City, PA

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The Cryovac model 30726 automatic hot water shrink tunnel is designed to shrink pre-vacuumized or sealed film around products. The overall chamber size is 11'' wide by 7.5" high. A gravity fed roller conveyor carries the enclosed product bag onto a motor driven flexible grid belt through a stainless steel tunnel and as the product passes through the tunnel, a cascade of hot water from above and a spray of hot water forced up from below instantly shrinks the bag or film around the product without the necessity of total immersion. Steam passing through a heating coil brings water up to operating temperature. The hot water is constantly recirculated and automatically maintained at operating temperature and levels. The unit is 460V 3 phase, water at 5.5G and 15PSIG steam. The tunnel was never installed for operation and remains like new. FOB lake City, PA.


Serial Number1309050874001
Stock Number20239