MasoSine Pump; Md# SPS-4"

MasoSine Pump; Md# SPS-4"

Lake City, PA

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MasoSine SPS pump deliver a low shear, gentle pumping action that safely transfers delicate products without risk of degradation. Suitable for industrial applications up to 15 bar pressure at flows up to 99,000 L/h SPS is able to transfer products with viscosities from 1 cP to 8 million cP with powerful suction up to 0.85 bar. Capable of handling soft solids safely up to 60 mm, maintaining end product quality and delivering high yield rates. Low shear transfer pump, with flow up to 99,000 L/h at pressures up to 15 bar. Superior viscous handling. Consistent flow with high suction capability up to 0.85 bard SIP capability. Operating temperatures up to 180 °C.Typical Applications Cheese, Curd, Deli Salads, Soup, Chicken Breasts, Ground Beef, Juice Concentrate Chocolate, Dough, Lotions, Shampoos, Lipstick, Polymers, Paints. The pump is 5.5KW, 460V, three phase with VFD controls. The hopper measures 27"x28"x26" deep. The 4" outlet tapers down to 3" sanitary clamp.


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