Hanagata HP-30Z Automatic L-Bar Sealer

Hanagata HP-30Z Automatic L-Bar Sealer

Lake City, PA

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  • Designed to create a complete enclosure of shrink wrap around either cartoned or loose products and provide the simplicity and durability required for production in today's environment. This wrapper is an intermittent shrink film wrapper providing up to 40 packages per minute, decreasing with longer packages(depending on size and stability of product). PLC controls - provides easy operation/diagnostic capabilities. Welded tubular frame construction. Cradle mounted center folded film. Pre-select Polyolefin, LDPE and/or PVC film compatibility. Solid "Hot Knife" L-Bar sealing assembly. This unit has a 22 inch long cross seal-bar and 24 inch long longitudinal seal-bar. Product infeed belt is 18 inch wide. Film stand will accommodate up to 30 inch wide rolls of film. The sealer is 220V, single phase.


Serial Number130063
Stock Number20244