Holac Horizontal Slicer; Md#Sectomat 23/100c


Holac Horizontal Slicer; Md#Sectomat 23/100c

Lake City, PA


The Sectomat 23 is the most flexible slicing machine of its type. With its hydraulic product infeed and intelligent machine control, it can portion

the product into groups with the same or different slice thicknesses. Product features are as follows: * Powerful blade drive * Additional

support for blade-shaft * Hydraulic product infeed with indexed or continuous feed motion * Adjustable gripper return limit * Fully

automatic start via photocell * Computer controlled, with program storage & portioning functions, including variable portioning, separation,

and grouping * Hydraulic product infeed, easy to access for sanitation purposes * Stable cut-off blade & blade scraper for a clean cut * Two wing

blade for increased capacity. The unit is capable of up to 400 cuts/min. with thickness of 1mm to 65mm. Unit has 36"W x 9"L x 9"H

magazine. It is 460V.


ModelSectomat 23/100C
Serial Number2832333
Stock Number20259