Cryovac Rotary Chamber Vacuum Packager; Md#8800E-14EDS

Cryovac Rotary Chamber Vacuum Packager; Md#8800E-14EDS

Ontario, Canada

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Cryovac 8800E-14EDS vacuum packager is a fully automatic, all-in-one bag loading, vacuumizing and sealing machine that loads meat products into Cryovac® taped bags.

- Minimal handling of products: transfer mechanism places loaded bag onto rotary chamber platen, bag is automatically straightened and clamped.

Dual impulse seal ribbons on each seal bar provide a tight seal

- Same footprint as standard 8600 machine

- Speeds up to 15 cycles per minute

- Designed for Cryovac® bags up to 14 inches wide

- Bag Loading and Rotary Machine Operator can be redirected to other tasks

- PLC control with diagnostic systems to increase uptime.

No pumps included.


Stock Number20265