Vemag Vacuum Stuffer; Md#Robby 2 Type 135

Vemag Vacuum Stuffer; Md#Robby 2 Type 135

Location:Lake City, PA

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Vemag Robby II vacuum stuffer with PC880 controls has the following specs:

  • Sturdy and reliable vacuum filler with rotary vane pump
  • Filling rate: up to 3,000 kg (6613.87 pounds) per hour, depending on feed element
  • Portion weight: 5 to 60,000 grams (.01 to 132.28 pounds), can be set in increments of 0.1 g or 1 g
  • Portioning speed: bis 650 portions per minute (depending on product, casing and portion size)
  • Rotary vane speed: 0-100%, infinitely adjustable
  • Links: 0-10, infinitely adjustable
  • Vacuum system: 20 cubic meters per hour (706.29 cubic feed per hour)

The stuffer is 230V, 3 phase. FOB Lake City, PA.


ManufacturerRobert Reiser
ModelRobby 2
Serial Number135.0216
Stock Number20279