Emplex MPS 6500 Continuous Sealer

Emplex MPS 6500 Continuous Sealer

Lake City, PA

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Emplex MPS 6500 bag and pouch sealers deliver fast, precise, and strong seals on bags and stand-up pouches. With true plug and play capabilities the MPS 6500 offers reliable, easy-to-use performance for a variety of bagging operations in nearly any production environment. The MPS 6100 is a low maintenance machine with easy access to the seal section, and has modular components for easy expandability as your production needs increase.

The MPS 6500 sealer hermetically seals bags and pouches over 2 lb/907 g with a stainless steel, food grade 6 inch x 6 foot conveyor and guide rails. The standard conveyor is adjustable and suitable for many bag sizes. Designed for 24/7 operation, these sealers are suitable for all production environments. The variable speed goes up to 12.7m/500" per minute. Unit is 115V, single phase. FOB lake City, PA.


Serial Number071178041R4
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