Reiser 6- Outlet Water Wheel Assembly BA-398-01-2

Reiser 6- Outlet Water Wheel Assembly BA-398-01-2

Lake City, PA

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Reiser Water Wheel system utilizing (6) head forming system. Utilizing water wheel system to create portions at proper weight control and size. Products in ball or drop shape, as a cylinder or ellipsis, made to meet the requirements of production.  Weights between 1 gram and depending on type of product diameter between 10 mm and 60 mm.  Great weight precision is guaranteed by filling flow divider which separates the product stream evenly to all outlets.   Speeds up to 400  per minute with this six up version. No cutting assembly is installed on this unit.



ManufacturerReiser 6- Outlet Water Wheel Assembly
Serial NumberBA-398-01-2
Stock Number20315
CategoryFood Preparation
SubcategoryVacuum Stuffers