Rollstock Thermoforming Vacuum Packager; Md#RI-200

Rollstock Thermoforming Vacuum Packager; Md#RI-200

Lake City, PA

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The RI-200 Rollstock™ machine is a thermoforming packaging machine with solid frame construction allowing for easy setup and moving, and with below features.

Mitsubishi touch screen controls

Proven sealing system

  • Full seal
  • E-Z peel corners
  • Perimeter seal

Proven forming system

  • Standard air forming
  • Air over vacuum forming
  • Perimeter forming (for deep pockets)
  • Plug assist (for the deepest pockets)
  • Preheating (for plug assist and semi-rigid films)
  • Improved vacuum control
  • Busch vacuum pumps
  • Updated cutting system
  • Stainless steel water resistant control cabinet
  • Optional extended load area
  • Optional extended cutting or discharge area

This Rollstock model RI-200 was used for packing bacon and sausage retail packs. The Rollstock has a CCI code dating stamper system on it as well as printed top film registration. The package size is adjustable. The packager is currently set for 320mm web width and a 340mm length advance. The Rollstock has die set and plates necessary to do one pack in that die set, and also has a die set that will make two packs per advance. There is also a spare sealing head coming along with the machine with a pretty new flat sealing plate in the head. The packager is 220V, three phase with 24DC controller. It requires .25GPM water at 50psi and 20CFM air at 100psi.


Serial Number113212002
Stock Number20344