Lee Industries Kettle w/Basket; Md#200D


Lee Industries Kettle w/Basket; Md#200D

Lake City, PA


Lee Industries 200 gallon kettle has a unique design with a true hemispherical bottom, ideal for mixing, and providing high efficiency heating and cooling. It features:

  • Traditional high-polished sanitary finish
  • Sanitary flanged rims
  • All stainless steel product contact parts

This is a Style D kettle and includes a perforated basket.

Style D - Super Jacket Stationary with Uniflow Coil Jacket

  • Continuous coil automatically welded to vessel straight side for exceptional bond
  • Hot or cold spots eliminated with Lee’s Uniflow coil jacket providing uniform thermal flow

The kettle has 48" diameter and its overall height is 46".

The kettle is 90 psi @332 degrees F and 90 psi @ -20 degree F. National Board# 12790. Built in 2013.

  • It has a 2" sanitary clamp bottom discharge.

FOB Lake City, PA. 


ManufacturerLee Industries
Serial Number80149-1-3
Stock Number20349