Hobart Vertical Meat Saw; Md#6614

Hobart Vertical Meat Saw; Md#6614

Lake City, PA

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Hobart model 6614 vertical meat saw with 3HP, 220V, three phase motor. The saw has the following features:

■ Reduced footprint ■ 3 H.P. motor ■ Direct gear drive transmission ■ Tri-rail carriage ■ Open frame stainless steel construction ■ Center crown pulley ■ Removable double flanged pulleys ■ Split rear table ■ Direction grain stainless steel ■ Pivoted automatic tension

Direct Gear Drive Transmission Performance ■ No belts to replace, slip, adjust or break ■ Helical gear reduction ■ Blade speed; 3500 fpm Operator Protection Features Protection ■ Upper and lower pulleys are completely enclosed ■ Accessible blade is guarded above and below the cutting zone ■ Pusher plate provided to eliminate handling items too close to blade.

Pivoted Automatic Tension: Productivity, ease of use ■ Entire motor, transmission and lower pulley assembly is pivot mounted ■ Blade tension control accessible just below right table ■ Simple adjustment allows for broad blade length tolerance.

Integrated Pulley Design: Durability, reliability ■ Bright tinned cast iron upper and lower blade pulleys are easily removed ■ True-running of the blade is assured by precision pulley balance ■ Blade retaining double flanges and center crown give long life without loss of blade integrity

Movable Carriage Tray: Convenience, labor savings ■ 141 ⁄2" D x 193⁄4" W ■ Stainless steel, turned down edges provide reinforcements for rigidity ■ Stepped front edge makes movement of carriage fast and easy ■ Six stainless steel ball bearings, mounted on underside of carriage ■ Tri-rail carriage support assures stability and easy travel, even when operator leans heavily on carriage ■ Carriage lock is provided as standard equipment

SPECIFICATIONS Motor: 3 H.P./60/3,

Switch: Single pull-to-start, push-to-stop switch

Saw Blade: 5 ⁄8" wide x 126" long

Capacity: Cutting clearance is 121 ⁄2" D x 151 ⁄4" H x 20" W


Serial Number31-1448-786
Stock Number20362