Blentech Cooking/Cooling Blender; Md#DM-22072-RJX

Blentech Cooking/Cooling Blender; Md#DM-22072-RJX

Lake City, PA

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Blentech model DM-22072-RJX is a twin shaft ribbon blender with scrapers suitable for cooking and/or cooling. The counter rotating shafts create unique folding action for peak blending efficiency. The blender handles hard to mix pasty (Cheese, dough mixes, fillings, hamburger, sauces, sausage, shrimp paste, and vegetables.) products. It features double doors and reversing screw for fast discharge. The blender has an estimated working capacity of 35CF, around 1500 Lbs. The MAWP is 90 psi at 332 degrees F, and the MDMT is -20 degrees F at 90 psi. FOB Lake City, PA.

Price is tested and operational. No rebuilding has been completed.


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