World Cup Filling Line with (2) Vemag Robby Fillers and Control GMC Lid applicator

World Cup Filling Line with (2) Vemag Robby Fillers and Control GMC Lid applicator

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The World Cup model 16-32 is a sixteen pocket dual rotary machine capable of up to 40 indexes per minute (80 cups per minute). The system is equipped with a cup denester, (2) Vemag Robby fillers, pre-diecut seal/film applicator, heat sealer, lidder and discharge station. Presently set with (4) sets of rectangular containers. Drawings and sizes of containers is attached in PDF format.

Additional die sets can be purchased with Container size: Maximum diameter of up to 4.75” (121mm) with a volume up to 32oz (907g).

Applications: Thin to thick liquid products including but not limited to chunky sauces, spreads, beverages, dairy, cosmetics, medical, personal care supplies and dry products including granular products. EEC has tested the World Cup Filler and both Vemag Robby Fillers. All machines are operational and communicating as designed. Portion fill is working and can be adjusted to within machine specs.

Vemag Robby vacuum stuffer with PC880 controls has the following specs:

  • Sturdy and reliable vacuum filler with rotary vane pump
  • Filling rate: up to 3,000 kg (6613.87 pounds) per hour, depending on feed element
  • Portion weight: 5 to 60,000 grams (.01 to 132.28 pounds), can be set in increments of 0.1 g or 1 g
  • Portioning speed: bis 650 portions per minute (depending on product, casing and portion size)
  • Rotary vane speed: 0-100%, infinitely adjustable
  • Links: 0-10, infinitely adjustable
  • Vacuum system: 20 cubic meters per hour (706.29 cubic feed per hour)

Control GMC lidder:

The FS1500 Lid Closing Machine is the perfect way to quickly and efficiently close lids on containers of all sizes. With a range of 4 oz to 4.5 gal and speeds up to 80 per minute. This semi automatic closing machine has a motorized conveyor with a sticky belt for traction to pull the container under the pressure rollers closing head equipped with an air-removing wheel. FOB Lake City, PA.


ManufacturerWorld Cup & Vemag
Model16/32 and Robby
Serial NumberM1421, 1360741, 1360776
Stock Number20369