Hyperbaric HPP (High Pressure Processing) Food Pasteurizer; Md#Wave 6000/420

Hyperbaric HPP (High Pressure Processing) Food Pasteurizer; Md#Wave 6000/420

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In a normal high pressure system, the fluid transmitting the pressure, usually water, is compressed between 12 - 18% for values between 400 and 800 MPa. The food, which mainly consists of water, is compressed on the same scale, but retains its original shape and volume once the pressure is removed. The hydro static pressure generates an even distribution of the load over all the elements exposed to the pressure and these results in the product being treated instantaneously and uniformly, no matter what the size. On the other hand, the technique of heat pasteurization has a critical dependence on the size and shape of the product with regard to heating times, and the external temperature applied cannot be evenly distributed.

From the micro-biological point of view, the high pressures disable certain microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria and enzymes. At the same time, the texture, taste, vitamin content and smell usually remain unaltered. Micro-organisms subjected to very high pressures are disabled mainly due the destruction of the function of the cell membrane. The reaction caused by very high pressures basically involves non covalent links, electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions. This enables the life of the food to be increased without requiring either heat treatments or chemical additives.

System is still installed and will need to be disassembled and rigged out of existing facility. Estimated cost for removal: $200,000. Confirmation of removal cost TBD depending on timeline.


ModelWave 6000/420
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