Stephan Emulsifier; Md#MCH20K

Stephan Emulsifier; Md#MCH20K

Lake City, PA

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The Stephan Microcut® is a multi functional fine cutting and dispersing system. The rotor stator system is available as single stage and double stage version. A wide range of machine layouts meets the requirements of multiple segments of the food industry. Homogeneous fine cutting and emulsifying of meat and fish can be done as well as forming emulsions and dispersing solids in liquids. The emulsifier is capable of: Efficient fine grinding, Perfect cutting, Homogeneous mixing, Optimal powder dispersing, Stable emulsions, Constant product quality, and Easy to operate.

The MCH20K is ideal for: Meat emulsions, Liver pâté Emulsions, Marinades and sauces, Baby Food, Vegetable and fruit grinding, Nuts and almonds grinding, Biscuit rework grinding, Confectionery, Fish products, Hummus, and Yogurt.

Processes: Cutting, Dispersing, Emulsifying, and Homogenizing. Microcut will be tested and refurbished as needed for machine to be sold in good working condition. Machine has not been tested as of listing. Expected delivery approximately 4 to 6 weeks from order confirmation.

The unit is 440V, 3 phase. FOB Lake City, PA.


Serial NumberM08014
Stock Number20385