JBT/Stein Top & Bottom Char Marker, Gas Fired, 40" wide

JBT/Stein Top & Bottom Char Marker, Gas Fired, 40" wide

Lake City, PA

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CMII-D40 is used for adding grill marks to improves product eye appeal. The floating ring design automatically follows the product contour for consistent marking and also accommodates products of varying heights. The CM-II can also be used as a searing section to improve the product flavor profile.

  • Dual .6 million BTU/hr. gas burners with flame sensors, Fully welded stainless steel enclosure, side doors and infeed and discharge pivoting hoods, Stainless steel motors and gear boxes. Unit is in very good condition and included separate control panel. Product infeed 42-44", discharge 42-44", Marking speed 6 FPM- 40 FPM. Independent drives with VFD controls for char marker rings, standard wire mesh belting, 4.5" max product clearance. No combustion blower included. Buyer is responsible for roof mount exhaust system and roof mount exhaust blower and all fire prevention systems. Machine dimensions: Belt length 60", Belt width 40" overall width with doors open 132", overall height 82" excluding exhaust system. Gas line required 1.25" NPT; gas 20 CFM @ 9" WC, thermal output 1,200,000 BTU, 35 amp @ 480 volt, approx weight 4,500#



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