Marel Platino Meat Flattener; Md#PLT-1200 Plt-p002-1200

Marel Platino Meat Flattener; Md#PLT-1200 Plt-p002-1200

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Superior flattening and tenderizing of meat products

• Optimal product quality with unrivaled texture and bite

• Uniform portion thickness and shape

• Significantly reduced bounce back after flattening

• Minimal drip loss

The Platino is a flattener that uses patented technology to gently flatten and tenderize portions of fresh boneless meat to perfection. It is durable, user-friendly, and easily adjusted to accommodate different product types and thicknesses. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or integrated into a processing line.

Twisted pentagon-shaped kneading drums use a patented flattening method to achieve superior flattening ratios. The special massaging effect works primarily by stretching instead of ripping and tearing muscle fibers. This ensures minimal bounce back and provides a more uniform presentation of end products. The Platino uses significantly less pressure to flatten portions of meat. This preserves fiber structure resulting in unrivaled quality of bite, texture and taste. The unique method reduces the bounce back and retains moisture to ensure minimal drip loss. It also breaks down the collagen and change the fiber structure of meat portions to allow extended access and activation of functional myosin proteins. This leaves the meat more pliable, which results in increased and faster brine and marinade absorption.

It Features:

·         Patented kneading technique with two rotating pentagon-shaped drums beneath the bottom belt

·         Individual belt speeds for infeed, flattening and outfeed belt

·         Various flattening belt textures available

·         Powerful performance at high speed

Three belt surfaces for product-specific coarseness. Belt width is 1200mm

• Variable belt and drum speeds

• Stand-alone machine or integrated into a processing line. Unit is in excellent condition and will be tested and video prior to shipping. Unit is 480V.


ModelPLT-1200 Plt-p002-1200
Serial NumberE016598
Stock Number20403