Blentech Surge Hopper; Md#SH-100A

Blentech Surge Hopper; Md#SH-100A

Lake City, PA

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The dependable Blentech Surge Hopper is a must have addition for any system and helps fill a crucial gap in production lines. It sits at the cusp of where processing lines meet packaging. It maintains temperature and particulate suspension and ensures constant supply of  product to match production requirements. Double your production capacity by freeing up your primary cooker for continuous operation and avoid packaging line interruptions. The single shaft ribbon (40" diameter and 8' long) is driven by a 3/4 HP double reduction SEW drive. The unit is 230/460V, three phase. The hopper has a 4" sanitary clamp bottom discharge. The inside dimensions are: 44"W x 8'L x 50"D. FOB Lake City, PA. SOLD IN AS IS CONDITION.


Serial Number2021376
Stock Number20481