Multivac Dual Chamber MAP Vacuum Packager; Md#C500


Multivac Dual Chamber MAP Vacuum Packager; Md#C500

Lake City, PA


MULTIVAC C500 double chamber machines are equipped with two chambers and a swing lid. While products are being packed in the first chamber, the second chamber can be unloaded and loaded again. This makes the packaging procedure especially efficient. Double chamber machines from MULTIVAC are easy to operate, clean and service. They offer the highest output on the smallest footprint and also provide impressive performance over their entire machine life thanks to their production output and pack quality. The evacuation and gas flushing processes are pressure-controlled and thus guarantee reproducible packing results. Modified atmosphere (MAP) In the case of packs with modified atmosphere, the atmosphere in the pack is replaced with a gas mixture, which is matched to the product. The unit has two 34"x29"x6" deep chambers and 26" seal bars with gas flush. It is 220V, three phase and has a Busch RA 0160 vacuum pump. FOB Lake City, PA.


Serial Number1133
Stock Number20489