JBT/Tipper Tie Clipper Vac; Md#CVW

JBT/Tipper Tie Clipper Vac; Md#CVW

Lake City, PA

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The JBT/Tipper Tie model CVW clipper vac is ideal for red, processed, and smoked meats, cheeses, poultry, and cook-ins. It draws a vacuum then gathers the bag neck and applies a secure, vacuum tight clip closure, then trims the excess bag tail. It is equipped with a Busch 1/2HP, totally enclosed, rotary vane vacuum pump.The Tipper Tie Z200 (3 mill bags from 6" to 16" flat width) and Z400 (3 mill bags from 8" to 23" flat bags) can be used. The clipper is 120V, single phase and requires 100 psi air. FOB Lake City, PA.


ManufacturerTipper Tie
Serial NumberT1121484
Stock Number20498