Kodiak/YWD Horizontal Cartoner; Md#903, built 2009

Kodiak/YWD Horizontal Cartoner; Md#903, built 2009

Lake City, PA

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The Kodiak manual‐load carton closer is capable of up to 30 cartons per minute. This is a all stainless steel body machine built in 2009. It

tucks three flaps and glues the last flap. The width is adjustable by a hank crank from 5" to 11". The height is from 2" to 4". Lugs are 2.5"

high. The plow assemblies control the cartons or cases as they travel through the machine and also control the folding of the minor, top,

and bottom major flaps. This unit uses a Dynatec hot melt glue system. It also includes a coder which embosses the customers' date and

lot code on the top major flaps. The master air supply regulator controls the main air supply to the machine. 3CMF @90PSI is needed for

optimum running performance. The guard doors are equipped with electric interlocks which will interrupt the air supply and de‐energize

all output to the motion control devices on the cartoner when doors are opened. Heat is used to seal cartons by Dynatec hot melt glue

(230V, single phase, 30amps); The Carton closer is 230V, 3Ph, 25amps. FOB Lake City, PA.


Serial Number1114
Stock Number20512