MultiSource/Forpak Laner and Stacker; Md#LVRS3-8

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MultiSource/Forpak Laner and Stacker; Md#LVRS3-8

Location:Lake City, PA


The Forpak Laner is a collating conveyor designed to transition frozen meat and bakery products from a disoriented state to a single layer that feeds a predetermined number of lanes.  It processes 100 pieces per minute per lane depending on products. Once the meat and bakery products are separated and properly laned, the product is better suited for metal detection and automated counting/stacking. 

The Forpak stackers are unique graphic touch screen-selectable servo stacking units that count and create vertical stacks of product.  The stacks, which are created and discharged from the Stacker onto a continuous-running Take Away Conveyor, can then be manually packed into boxes or trays, or fed downstream to automated packing equipment. The stacker features the following:

  • Allen-Bradley touch screen control
  • Multiple product recipe controls
  • Forpak stacker has 8 lanes, each measures 2-3/4" x 3". Total usable belt width is 28". The lanes can be configured differently.
  • All stackers are built to last with stainless steel construction
  • Variable conveyor speeds is standard in Forpak stackers
  • Full wash down capability to simplify cleaning protocols
  • Servo controlled actuators for stack building motion

The system was manufactured in 2020 and is 480V. FOB Lake City, PA. Equipment is in excellent condition. Collection of spare parts are also included.


Stock Number20520