Vemag Vacuum Filler; Md#HP25E with Loaf Cutter and Load Hopper


Vemag Vacuum Filler; Md#HP25E with Loaf Cutter and Load Hopper

Lake City, PA


The Vemag HP25E is the fastest vacuum filler in the HPE series available for the production of products. This line was set up for dough loaf production. Load Hopper with plastic augers feeds product under vacuum to Vemag. Vemag is being used as a constant flow press pump to provide cutting system ability to cut at length various products. Dough discharge shape and size are changed by polymar inserts in the cutting assembly. Cutting assembly is presently set up with dual blade for higher production. System included Busch vacuum pump for higher vacuum capacity pump system.

It features:

Model ASV811 pneumatic cutter with dependable weight control capable of 140 portions/min at 100g cookies. Portion weight is adjustable from 5 to 30,000 grams in increments of 1g.

Optimal product feed from the Vemag Duo Drive

Intuitive operation of the graphical control

The Vemag Box-in-Box system offers maximum protection of the electronic components

Portion wight: 1-99,000 grams (Infinitely adjustable)

Vacuum system: 40 m3/h

Hopper Capacity: 350L (700 Lbs)

Total nominal connected load: 38KW at 60 Hz

Portion Rate: Up to 25,000 Kg/h

Comes with three round loaf inserts; 1.5"D, 2.25"D, and 3"D. Also features a Busch Mink MM1104BV, 2HP vacuum pump

The load hopper is Shaffer model PU16-10, S/N; 201093 which measures 5"x5"x32" tapered inside.


Serial Number1640847
Stock Number20535