Ghebel Carp Extruder- GMB Extru25

Ghebel Carp Extruder- GMB Extru25

Lake City, PA

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The Extruder makes easier the extruding of big quantities of paste ready to be rolled.

Together to the Rolling Machine Easy Baits 500 Professional, it can produce about 200 kg boilies pro hour with one output, while with 2 outputs the boilies production can be doubled.

This Extruder has 2 motors: one is on the top of it and actions the blades (.35KW, 110V), that give the paste to the cochlea so that it works in a continue and precise way.

The second motor (1.5HP, 110V) has an inverter that by a potentiometer permits to regulate the outgoing speed in a fast and uniform way.

The cochlea is in plastic material at a variable pitch: the plastic material avoid the possible warming of the paste; while the variable pitch compact the paste before coming out so that every and particular paste can be rolled.

The extruder can be disassembled in short time so that it is easier to clean and to handle it.

Carefulness is give to the security: each Extruder is delivered with the instruction manual and conformity declaration CE.


Stock Number20540