Colbourne Series 90 Pie Line complete with mixers and packaging

Colbourne Series 90 Pie Line complete with mixers and packaging

Lake City, PA

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More versatile than ever before, this is the latest revolution in high speed commercial production of pies. With a great deal of flexibility the line completely automates the assembly of various types of pie type products from 2-crust fruit pies to pie shells to crumb based cream pies and cheesecakes. These shells can be made using a traditional trimmer – or to create an appealing high rim deep dish pie, the shell rims can be crimped with an optional rimmer section.

This line is capable of producing over 120 large pie shells per minute and 480 small pie shells per minute. The line can be configured for complete automation from automatic dough feeding to oven or freezer loading. This machine comes with a series of attachments that include dough dividing, dough sheeting, foil dispensing, various filling technologies and crimping/sealing and trim dough return. The line includes the following pieces:

Colbourne  Series 90, Model# 158846 Year 2018

Plates and Cups 51 regular / 51 shallow

Rimmer Heads 5 regular / 5 shallow

Chunker Model#159147 Year 2018

Artofex Model#PH-30- Year 2018

Artofex Model#PH-30-S Year 2018

(3) Artofex Model#PH-30


Bowls: 6 - 700# capacity

Homogenizer Model#GM1200 Year 2020

Slurry Mixer Model#GAST

(3) Labelers Model#UII Year 2018, 2018, and 2022

Bander Model#EZ-2-400 Year 2022

Shrink Tunnel Model#T822M-02

Metal Detector Model# IQ4 Year2018

Metal Detector Model# IQ2

An interleaver to put the paper under the shell that we never used. 

Lots of spare parts


ModelSeries 90/ Model 158846
Stock Number20553