Reiser Emulsifier, Md# Comvair 75

Reiser Emulsifier, Md# Comvair 75

Lake City, PA

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The all stainless steel Comvair emulsifier has interacting cutting rings that produce stable, high quality emulsions consistently. There are no knives to be replaced. A simple ring change alters the texture of the emulsion from course to superfine. The unique built-in trap removes unwanted objects before they reach the cutting chamber without interrupting production. Production rate of 350-1000Lbs per minute can be achieved depending on type and texture of the product. The Comvair has a 150HP motor. FOB Lake City, PA. THIS UNIT IS PRICED AS IS CONDITION. Including all parts shown in photo.

This unit has more HP then EEC is capable of testing.


ManufacturerRobert Reiser
ModelComvair 75
Serial Number285
Stock Number20554