Comp Air Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressor; Md#LFR2A

Comp Air Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressor; Md#LFR2A

Lake City, PA

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Well known in the industry for quality and reliability, CompAir continuously develops the L-Series to achieve cutting edge performance and efficiency. The L22 range of lubricated screw compressors comprise of fixed speed. 

Fully integrated airend: The advanced design of the high efficiency airend allows operation at low rotational speeds, and consequently lowers the energy costs. The innovative integrated design, including oil separation, oil filter and thermostatic bypass valve, reduces the number of external hoses and components offering excellent reliability. Combined air/oil cooler Equipped with a bypass for rapid warm-up and control of the oil temperature, reducing wear, eliminating condensate in the compressor system and providing low air discharge temperature. High efficiency electric motor The compressors are equipped with an energy saving IE3 electric motor. Automatic belt tensioning system. The maintenance-free system provides automatic and accurate belt tension and extends the belt life. Factory-filled lubricant Reduces service costs by extending the oil change period to up to 4,000 hours. Low noise levels Allows the compressor to be placed at the point of use. Up to 45°C ambient temperature. The Unit has a 30HP, 460V, 3PH, 2500 rpm motor. Has 1" outlet. FOB Lake City, PA.


ManufacturerComp Air
Serial NumberD119063
Stock Number20564