Kramer Grebe Bowl Chopper, 325L

Kramer Grebe Bowl Chopper, 325L

Lake City, PA

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This Kramer Grebe Cutter used in various productions of boiled, dry, and cooked sausage, the universally applicable machine is suitable in particular for the chopping, mixing and emulsification of fresh meat, pre-cut frozen meat, cooked meat, fish, vegetables, meat substitute products made from plant-based proteins, fruits, confectionary goods and other edibles at temperatures from -12 °C (10 °F) up to 85 °C (185 °F). The chopper has 325 liters capacity, built in 1974, photos show chopper torn down for cleaning and start of refurbishing. refurbished with new drive motor, variable speed control for flexible chopping ranges (EEC typically uses 2-preset speeds for a high/low) but speed can be modified as needed. Chopper has independent bowl speed that is variable. Totally refurbished with main gearbox rebuilt, knife bearings and main bearing changed as needed. Expected rebuilt to be completed first of March.


ManufacturerKramer Grebe
Serial Number173/102/76
Stock Number20566