Grote Fresh Produce Slicer; Md#FPS-1000, 30" wide cutting zone

Grote Fresh Produce Slicer; Md#FPS-1000, 30" wide cutting zone

Lake City, PA

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The Grote Fresh Produce Slicer (FPS-1000) quickly and consistently bulk slices a wide range of produce – from delicate tomatoes to rigid onions – without damage or cracking. It is ideal for processers looking for a high quality, versatile slicer to automate their fresh cut operation. Its 30” slicing zone, continuous loading and speed give you increased output, with even, clean slices. The Fresh Produce Slicer’s user-friendly operation and sanitation allow for fast set-up, adjustments and thorough cleaning.

  • Bulk slice up to 120 strokes per minute, per lane
  • Easy-to-use controls adjust speed and slice thickness
  • Thinly slice a variety of produce down to .125” without cracking
  • Cantilevered design integrates seamlessly to your further processing steps, like dehydrating or cooking
  • Sanitary design with sloped surfaces, bead-welded seams and easily removable parts allows for quick and thorough cleaning
  • Disposable AccuBand® band blades eliminate resharpening, simplify clean-up and provide optimal slice quality, consistency and yield (No blades or chutes included)

Product Size: Up to 5” (127 mm) diameter

Cutting Zone: 30” (762 mm)

Slice Thickness: Up to .5” (12.7 mm) standard

The slicer was built in 2019, and is 208/240V, three phase. FOB Lake City, PA.


Serial Number1204881
Stock Number20570