Lyco Dual Zone Rotary Drum Cooker/Cooler; 36"x8'x4', Like New

Lyco Dual Zone Rotary Drum Cooker/Cooler; 36"x8'x4', Like New

Lake City, PA

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Lyco drum rotary blancher is designed to cook and cool in one machine that has smaller footprint therefore eliminating the need for transfer conveyors and riser frames. The single CIP System cleans both hot and cold zones. General capacity is approximately 700 to 1500 pounds per hour depending on product and cook time. Product is fed into the machine by an incline conveyor (Included) into in-feed flume. The 36" dia. x 8 long cook zone blanches, cooks (Cooking time can be varied by changing the temperature of the water and speed of the drum,) or re-hydrates, and very gently agitates as it passes through the machine.Water in the tank is heated by steam headers running through each water tank. Product then is smoothly lifted by a transfer lift and moved to the 36" dia. x 4' cool zone, using chilled water (Water for the cooling drum is continuously cycled from the cooling zone.) Product exists at 40ºF (4.4ºC) and discharges from the machine with a gravity chute into a dewatering shaker (Also included.) Operation of the cooker/cooler is managed using the Lyco HMI (Human machine interface) touch sensitive control screen located on the master control panel. The voltage is 460, three phase. Unit was manufactures on 4/2022. This unit does not show any indication of being installed, like new. FOB Lake City, PA.


ModelRotary Drum Cooker Cooler
Serial NumberRDB-0722-10027101
Stock Number20583