Koppens VM600HS

Koppens VM600HS

Lake City, PA

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All stainless steel Koppens forming and portioning machine is ideal for forming beef, pork, poultry, fish, vegetables, potatoes, croquettes and other products in different shapes (depending on the mould plates used)to an accurate weight and in exactly the shape you require with mold plates and various accessories which can be quickly and easily interchanged, making Koppens formers extremely flexible. The unit is equipped with a mould plate which has a width of 600mm (23.6") and a thickness ranging between 6mm and maximum of 40mm. The speed of the mold plate can be adjusted steplessly. The machine is operated by pneumatic/hydraulic control. The air consumption is 300 L/min. and water consumption for cooling is 5 Liter/min, working pressure of 6 bar. The usable forming area is 570mm x 130mm (22.4"x5.1"). The max. number of strokes is 50/min with max. volume of 1KG/min. Belt speed is 2-20 m/min (6.6-66ft/min.) FOB Lake City, PA.


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