Grote Pendulum Slicer/Applicator, Md# S/A-522

Grote Pendulum Slicer/Applicator, Md# S/A-522

Lake City, PA

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Grote pendulum slicer/applicator can stack, shingle and count a variety of boneless products; fresh or cooked meat, cheese, fish, fruit, poultry, bread and vegetables. Slicer can also be triggered to slice one or more times as a tray or crust is positioned below the cutting zone, ideal for entree' assembly. Slicer is cantilevered to set over an existing 22" wide product conveyor. Unit's overall cutting zone is 5" x 22", the product chute system is divided in two to allow two lanes of independent product slicing. Grote pendulum slicer applicators are capable of slicing speeds up to 120 cycles per minute. This style slicer is often used to slice pepperoni or similar product in a specific pattern onto trays/sandwiches/pizza as they advance along the conveyor. Slicer is currently configured for 220 volt 3-phase power. Unit is offered in very good working condition with PLC controls.


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