Challenge/RMF Vacuum Tumbler; Md#MP-3

Challenge/RMF Vacuum Tumbler; Md#MP-3

Lake City, PA

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The RMF/Challanger MP-3, 5000 lb capacity, has two helical massaging flights within a drum revolving on an inclined axis produces a unique massaging action that's unlike any other. The weight of the meat mass, combined with the kneading action of pieces within the mass, results in a distinctive meat-on-meat massage. As the drum turns, the spiral flights advance the meat toward the closed end, displacing the load upward and forward toward the open end. Unlike meat tumblers, there is no lifting and dropping action and therefore no product damage in a Challenge-RMF massager. The MP-3 design produces shorter cycle time, quicker take-up of liquids, thorough distribution of ingredients, and faster exudation of protein. Loads are discharged with half as many turns of the drum. The unit is on galvanized base frame. Tumbler is all hydraulic driven and includes hydraulic power pack, vacuum pump. FOB Lake City, PA.


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