Ronningen-Petter Strainer/Filter; Md# SS-A-230-MXB-Auto

Ronningen-Petter Strainer/Filter; Md# SS-A-230-MXB-Auto

Lake City, PA

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This strainer/filter is a high performance system for keeping debris out of downstream equipment. By installing a pipeline strainer/filter ahead of expensive process equipment, the strainer/filter protects against damage from dirt or by-products, preventing costly shut-downs (just like heat exchangers, condensors, and pumps that utilize strainers on their intake sides). It also can be used to clean water for cooling. This unit consists of 15 strainer/filter canisters on each side with 8" victaulic inlet/outlets and each filter has a manual and pneumatic relief valve. Each strainer/filter canister is 3' long and has a 4" victaulic purge line. The unit is 17' 6"L x 4' 6"W x 79"Tall. FOB Lake City, PA.


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