Cryovac Shrink Tunnel, Md# 8152-1


Cryovac Shrink Tunnel, Md# 8152-1

Lake City, PA


This hot water dip tank was designed for efficient shrink for barrier type bags., Often used with 8300 or 8310 type vacuum packagers. The product is submerged between two belts, upper and lower, with conveyor speed up to 65 fpm. Water is heated by direct steam injection. Max incoming steam is 15 psi and 5-7 psi is required to operate. Steam consumptions is approximately 180,000 BTU/hour. All stainless steel Cryovac shrink tunnel with hold down style top belt for dip submersion of product. Shrink tunnel has 18" wide product belt and 12" high product clearance. Shrink tunnel is offered reconditioned with bearings , plumbing & steam valves replaced as needed. Price below will include new conveyor Interlox with rubber insert belt, top belt will match lower. Expect to ship (30) days after deposit. FOB Lake City, PA..


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SubcategoryShrink Tunnels