Alkar Recirculating Brine Chilling System 6-Truck House

Alkar Recirculating Brine Chilling System 6-Truck House

Location:Lake City, PA

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The Alkar Recirculating Brine Chilling System is used for after cooking at which point the product is moved on the smoking trucks directly into the brine chiller. The cooling agent is a brine solution which is applied at a controlled temperature. Brine is sprayed evenly over the product surface, effecting an intense heat exchange from product to cooling solution, therefore, removing heat from product and carrying it off in the brine. The brine is filtered once coarsely, then again finely during recirculation. The solution is then brought back to operating temperatures and sprayed again over the product. The system offers *Less shrinkage *Shorter Chill Time *Energy savings *Up to 4% Yield improvement. Package includes Brine chill cabinet; 4 plate stainless steel water chiller and (6) smoke trucks. Chiller overall dimensions are 15' wide (across doors) x 112" deep x 105" high. Unit is designed to be recessed into floor approximately 9 1/2". This will bring the truck rails level with the floor.


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