Marel MasterFormer Product Forming Line with Pump Assembly

Marel MasterFormer Product Forming Line with Pump Assembly

Lake City, PA

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This MasterFormer system is designed for manufacturing hand-made looking patties. Designed to keep the ideal structure and texture the strengths of this former are retains the open structure and texture of the meat; suitable for both filled and unfilled products; minimal waste; simple operation; end product looks homemade; wholly automated. The line works as follows. At the head of the line there is a meat pump for providing the controlled supply of meat to either a single or two belts positioned one above the other. The two belt arrangement is used for filled products. There can be a grinding head used for especially loose structure. The stream of product is fed into the MasterFormer. This former in a smooth motion the side parts of the forming unit push the portioned meat into the required shape. The upper part of the former then descends onto the product finishing the forming and dispensing the finished patty. The system being offered is complete with Meat pump assembly and MasterFormer.


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