Selo/Protecon Injector; Md#SPI-42


Selo/Protecon Injector; Md#SPI-42

Lake City, PA


The Selo/Protecon SPI-42 is fully automatic reversible servo-driven, ergonomically designed, and user-friendly injector that is ideal for both bone-in and boneless applications. The injector is equipped with precision needle heads allowing a quick needle change for running different product. It meets the hygienical demands by inclined surfaces that assure no brine or cleaning solvents settle on the machine. Also, the polyethylene conveyor belt can easily be removed easy sanitation. The injector is 22" wide and has 10" product clearance. It is 230/460V. S/N 286. The unit includes a rotary triple filter system ( Pre-filter, rotary filter, and straining filter) for trouble-free operation and easy-to-operate. The unit is 230V, 3Ph, 60Hz. FOB Lake City, PA.


Stock Number17770
CategoryFood Preparation