Wolfking/Belam Needle Injector; Md#MI-650/306

Wolfking/Belam Needle Injector; Md#MI-650/306

Location:Lake City, PA

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The all stainless steel automatic pickle injector is designed to cure all types of bone-in, bonless and skin on products depending on the set-up of the machine. The injector has stainless steel walking beam advance with two heads of 156 needles each, totaling to 312 needles. The unit is complete with the filtering tank. NUMBER OF NEEDLES Qty 306 (4mm) TYPE OF ADVANCEMENT OF PRODUCT Walking Beam WIDTH OF ADVANCEMENT AREA Bed Width 650 mm (25.5) TYPE OF FILTERING SYSTEM In-Line Suction and Return Brine Tank Filter VOLTAGE 230/460 VOLT, 3 PHASE, TYPE OF MACHINE BONE-IN / BONELESS CAPACITY FROM 1300 Kg/h to 14000 Kg/h DEPENDING ON PRODUCT AND INJECTION LEVEL INJECTION FROM 5-100% DEPENDING ON PRODUCT AND BRINE SPECIFICATION FREQUENCY CONVERTER FOR CONSTANT PUMP SPEED PLC CONTROL WITH 20 PROGRAMS WIDTH OF ADVANCEMENT AREA 25.5 IN. TRANSPORT STROKE 1.5 - 3 INCHES STROKES PER MINUTE 20-65 FILTER TANK VOLUME 73 GALLON PUMP CAPACITY 132 GALLONS PER MINUTE PUMP PRESSURE 3 - 58 PSI AIR FLOW PER HOUR 50 CUBIC METERS PER HOUR STROKE HEIGHT 300mm (11.8 INCHES) VOLTAGE 440 VOLTS 3 PHASE FOB Lake City, PA.


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