Air Products Z Freeze Tunnel; Md#15X0.700

Air Products Z Freeze Tunnel; Md#15X0.700

Lake City, PA

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Cryogenic freezing is an essential process in many branches of the food industry and in industrial processes. This process uses liquid nitrogen (LIN) as an expandable refrigerant which comes in direct contact with the product to freeze. Products are frozen much faster than mechanical freezing techniques, making them maintain their quality and maintain their taste better and have less moisture losses. The great flexibility of the freezing process - fast startup and shutdown – makes it the ideal freezing method. Advantages High production capacity • Quick freezing and chilling • Low space requirements Better product quality Improved texture, better taste and appearance of the product Better yield and efficiency • Reduced dehydration • Products are prevented from sticking to the belt Flexibility • Flexible production possible different products, different residence time, ... Cost effective • Low maintenance • Low capital investment Technical specifications Gas transferred in tunnel by means of fans and extracted by means of exhaust fan(s) Tunnel can be opened by lowering the bottom section(s) The usable belt width is 34" and the freezing length is 18'. The tunnel is 24' long overall. FOB Lake City, PA.


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