Apple International Piston Filler; Md#MR900

Apple International Piston Filler; Md#MR900

Lake City, PA

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The MR900 series depositor is pneumatically operated with speeds up to 60 cycles per minute. The machine is extremely robust and is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions with the minimum maintenance. The MR900 depositor can be mounted on a mobile telescopic stand , at low level under any size of tank or arranged in a multilane configuration, upon a height adjustable cantilever frame.

Simplicity is also a feature, allowing unskilled operatives to easily strip down the machine for hygiene purposes, or product changeovers. Deposit volume and speed controls can be adjusted in seconds. The large, ported acid resistant rotary valve allows unrestricted flow of delicate materials and particulate materials. Minimum number of components provides quick disassembly features. The clean lines of the depositor incorporate a recessed control panel with individual controls for product intake and output speed. Quick release subbase mounted valves reduce maintenance and potential down time.

Fitted with Suck back valve discharge with approx. 1/2 oz to 5 oz dispensing. Built 2011.

Air consumption: 400 litres/min @ 5.5 bar (14 CFM @ 80psi ).

The filler is ideal for the following applications:

Batters, Creamed Potato, Custard, Sponge Mix’s, Creams, Grease, Jams, Sauces, Jelly, Chocolate Fondant, Syrups, Yogurt, Mayonnaise, Butter Pastes and oils.

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ManufacturerApple International
Serial Number1306
Stock Number19826
CategoryFood Preparation
SubcategoryFillers, Food Preparation