Bridge Cross Tenderizer; Md#CS-12

Bridge Cross Tenderizer; Md#CS-12

Lake City, PA

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Bridge model CS-12 shredder w/12"W conveyor 32"W 67"L 53"H Bridge Cross Tenderizer is truly remarkable. This unique machine provides increased tenderization while reducing labor costs and production times. It does so by skillfully handling solid portions of meat and executing three precise cuts in a single pass. This is achieved by perfect reorientation of the product in a straight line as it is transported along the stainless steel belt and through three sets of razor-sharp scoring blades. USDA accepted Stainless steel T-304 construction Stainless steel sprockets and gears Nickel-plated chain Inline continuous flow design Designed with 3 tenderizing stations Product turn between stations Automatic reorientation of product Approximately 50′ per minute belt speed Top and bottom penetration into product 2-3/8″ diameter stainless steel tenderizing blades Dual tenderizing blades mounted on a 1-1/2″ diameter shaft .2″ spacing between knife blades


Serial Number25929-NU
Stock Number19857
CategoryFood Preparation