Heat and Control AirForce Impingment Oven; Md#IMP-2406-2

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Heat and Control AirForce Impingment Oven; Md#IMP-2406-2

Lake City, PA


Heat and Control AirForce impingement oven MDL. IMP-2406 w/24"W conveyor w/qty.2 3"x2" sanitary pumps w/10HP blower motor w/ control panel on 3 skids 84"W 126"L 110"H. AirForce cooks quickly by forcing hot moist air directly to the top & bottom of the product which reduces the insulating boundary later surrounding the product surface and rapidly transfers heat, resulting in fast cooking, high production capacity, and precise control of finished product qualities. With balanced air circulation, uniform cooking across the full width of the AirForce oven is achieved. The belt is 24" wide, 72" long in the cook zone. The overall length is 192" and the height is 83". Air temperature, moisture, speed, and volume are independently adjustable above and below the product. Upper air nozzles can be adjusted from 2" to 8" in height above the conveyor belt to provide unique air enveloping conditions. AirForce oven has touch screen control for easy operation & PLC-controlled cleaning system. Unit has been removed from operations and has been stored outdoors. Photos are from when unit was installed at R & D facility in 2020.


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